Exercising Through Crossfit


A number of athletes and physical fitness beginners have gotten into an exercise program lately called Crossfit. With Crossfit program, you just buy the gears and exercise at the convenience of your home, thus no need for a gym membership.


Before getting to know the gadgets that you need to do the exercise, it is good to know how the program is structured to understand what you are going into. The site posts a rotation of three days of exercises and a rest of one day. The program has a WOD or Workout of the Day, during active days, with specific goals as the objectives. These three days of exercises usually have themes to follow like building stamina, increase in strength focus, and others.


A wide variety of exercises cover the workouts, with some of these exercises needing special equipment to execute properly. However, there is also a core set of this program's gear that can be used in the majority of the workouts, and thus the other exercises can be done with the substitution of these gears and crossfit shorts.


In this exercise, a pull-up bar is the first requirement to do the exercise. Prominently emphasized in the Crossfit program are pull-ups meant for a wide variety of muscle groups, and thus you need a pull-up bar to execute the exercise and get the necessary results.


A free-standing pull-up bar is the best setup for this program, however, there are also many doorway-mounted models that can be for home use. Hooked around the mantling at the doorway top, the equipment is then secured with a metal plate that slides behind the frame. Bathroom and bedroom frames are good places too to mount the bar. People weighing up to 300 pounds can be handled with this equipment.


The next crossfit gear requirement is an Olympic bar with some weights provision. Considered as the most efficient strength training techniques are the squats and deadlifts of the Olympic lifting exercises, and thus Crossfit regularly incorporate these into the WODs. A great deal of the strength training focus of this routine is on these exercises, and to miss executing them would minimize so much the effects of the strength program.


Another piece of important home equipment in this program is a dumbbell set. The most cost effective and space saver is the adjustable dumbbell set that you can add more weights as you increase your strength. A weight of 45 pounds on each hand is good to start for beginners, and use up to 70 pounds on a single dumbbell for kettle bell swing substitution.


You cover essentially the three basic equipments needed for the Crossfit training, and these are a pull-up bar, an Olympic bar and a dumbbell set. Other optional equipments to get more out of the program are gymnastic rings, kettle bells, and weighted medicine balls.


Many people know big suppliers of gears for crossfit but they do not really look at the internet to find them. Searching online and reading reviews of the brand is easy in finding these gears. Get more crossfit information at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CrossFit